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input/output switching on the DAQCard 6533

I am designing a peripheral data acquisition device that will communicate digitally to a PC via the DAQCard 6533. Data transfers are 8 bits wide and need to be in both directions.
The 6533 technical reference manual states only that the user can choose the direction, ie input or output, of data.
My application requires that the direction switches without manual intervention about every 100ms. It is not necessary that input and output occur simultaneously.
Is it possible for this to happen under software control?
If so can input and output occur from a single port (port A say), or would input and output signals have to be allocated to different ports?

thanks for any help
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Hello Jeremy,

I believe you will need to stop the task and reconfigure the port as a different direction?

I have checked and there is now easy way of changing this. Are you using DAQmx, or Traditional.

I also believe reconfiguring of the port will be able to be done within 100ms.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards

Steven Bird
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for that information, Steven.

I haven't bought the DAQCard 6533 yet, but needed confirmation that it is capable of what I require before doing so. So I don't know if I'll be using DAQmx or Traditional.

Anyway you have given me confidence that I can go ahead with the purchase.

kind regards
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