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PCI-6509 Card not detected correctly ("Other PCI Device")

I have recently purchased a PCI-6509 Digital I/O Board. I have an industrial PC running Windows 2000 on which I have installed NI-DAQ 7.3. The PCI has 4 primary PCI slots and 6 secondary PCI slots. When I install this board in a primary PCI slot the PC fails to boot up at all. If I install the card in a secondary PCI slot then the PC will boot but the card is detected as an "Other PCI Device." The system cannot detect the correct driver for the card. I have worked through the troubleshooter at: but still have no success. I have tried sevral primary and several secondary PCI slots so far.

Incidentally , the PCI-6509 board will work in a normal PC without a secondary PCI bridge. I have successfully installed a PCI-6111 multifunction DAQ card in the industrial PC listed above and it is detected correctly and works fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Further to my earlier message, I have observed that a 3.3V supply is available to this board when installed in a primary PCI slot (an LED on top of the board illuminates) but the PC will not boot up. When the card is installed in a secondary slot the LED does not illuminate, the PC will boot but the card is not detected. I understand that the 3.3V supply is required for this board to operate. However, when it is present the PC will not boot. Any ideas?
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Have you tried the board on another computer to see if it will properly load there? It would help to know if it's an issue with that board in that particular computer, or just an issue with the board you received.

What is the chipset of the motherboard on the computer that you are seeing the problems? It could be that there is an issue with that particular chipset, or perhaps there is a known workaround.
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Hello Otis.

Yes - we have tried the 6509 card in another PC and it worked fine. Here are the details of the Advantest Industrial Controller's Chipset, BIOS etc.

Motherboard Revision: B1 01-1
Chipset: PCA-6114P10
BIOS: PCA 6187E version 1.11

Do you know of any issues using this card in a OC with this specification? Any other ideas?


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Hi David,

Take a look at this post:

Your problem may be related to the 3.3 V power requirement for the PCI-6509.

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Thanks for the suggestion Allen, but I've already seen his message. We already have an ATX supply in the PC which supplies 3.3V to the card when fitted in a primary PCI slot. However, the PC will not boot when the card has a 3.3V supply available to it. Unfortunately we still cannot use the card in our industrial controller.
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Do any other boards work in that computer? Is it only that particular PCI-6509, all PCI-6509s, or all NI boards that do not work in it?
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Hi Otis.

Yes - we have a PCI-6111 (Mulitifunction DAQ) which works fine in the slots we have tried the PCI-6509 card in. We've also succesfully used NI PCI-GPIB cards in this computer.


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Have you tried the PCI-6509 in different slots? Are you able to see it if it's installed in some slots, but not others?

Do you have any other PCI-6509 devices to try and test in the computer where things are not working? If so, is it PCI-6509 boards in general, or just this one particular board that is causing you problems?

Thank you once again,
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This is the only 6509 board I have ever purchased and tried. Prior to that I have always used PCI-DIO-96 boards. The PCI-DIO-96 boards work ok in this industrial controller, along with the PCC-6111 and GPIB cards I mentioned earlier. I have tried the 6509 in several primary PCI slots. The 3.3V LED illuminates always in a primary slot, but the computer will never boot - there are no graphics at all. I have tried it in several secondary PCI slots when there is no 3.3V supply, the computer will always boot but the card is not reconised. I don't have another 6509 board to try. However, I do know that this 6509 board will work in other PC's.


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