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Terminal Block layouts

NI Terminal block layout should be designed so that wiring can be done straight from terminal to wire trunking.


For example TBX-68 has 68 wire terminals aligned to inside of the terminal block. This causes that each wire should make tight curve to wire trunking. Another problem with TBX-68 is that wires are heavily overlapped because of the terminal alignment.


Also the cables from terminal block to DAQ device should be aligned to go directly to wire trunking (not straight up).






In addition can you please use off the shelf standard SCSI connectors? 


The connector on the CB68LPR has an upside down shell. This is not immediately obvious and doesn't offer any advantages to the user. 

I have stuffed up two custom PCBA layouts wtih SCSI connector due to this problem. First time I didn't have a CB68LPR as a reference, so 2nd time I was wary of the issue and carefully copied the pin out on the CB68LPR not relaising the shell of the connector was upside down. 


And the 777600-01 connector offered on the website is a standard SCSI connector.





 I saw your post well. I would like to know the name of the blue cable connected to the TBX-68 and the place of sale.


The cable type is NI SH68-C68-S  191667-01


I really appreciate your information!


I meant jumper cables though.