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C Series HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Module/ HART Adapter

Dear NI Idea Exchange,


I had a service request recently where the customer wished to use a mass flow meter, using the HART protocol (massive industrial protocol used worldwide with over 30 million devices) to communicate updated values to a cRIO 9074 chassis using a NI 9208 module.


They did not know how they could use this protocol with our products. There was only one example online regarding use of this protocol using low level VISA functions. There is currently no real support for this protocol.


I suggested that if they wished to use this sensor they would be required to convert it to a protocol we do support, for example Modbus or to RS-232 (using a gateway/converter).


Then they could use low level VISA functions to allow the data communication.


They were fine with doing this but they felt that NI should probably support this protocol with an off-the-shelf adaptor or module. This is the main point of this idea exchange.


There is clearly a reason why we do not currently provide support for this protocol in comparison to PROFIBUS or Modbus.


I thought I would pass on this customer feedback as it seemed relevant to NI and our vision. 




Dominic Clarke


Applications Engineer

National Instruments UK

Dom C
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Any news on this request?



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Hi Dominic,


My organization is currently using many sensors that utilize HART and it would be useful if there was a CompactDAQ module that was in essence a HART modem. A set of drivers to communicate with the devices would also aid in the automating the configuration and verification of the sensors. Has there been any work done in this direction or should we expect NI to support HART in the future? Thanks in advance.





We too have a need for this. 

NI Employee (retired)

Thanks for the feedback!


We have just released a C Series HART Master Module for CompactRIO:






Sunaina K.
Product Marketing Manager for CompactRIO & TSN

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Status changed to: Implemented

AM 9898 - CompactRIO HART Master Interface released.

Seth B.
Principal Test Engineer | National Instruments
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I know this is an old topic but (for me) it is still relevant. The AM-9898 module only works with cRIO and not with cDAQ. Is there any change that the cDAQ will also obtain a module that can read the HART protocol?





Hi Jeroen, I suspect not. In my experience, the easiest way to interface with a HART network is to use one of these

in conjunction with the Modbus library available on the VI Package Manager.