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Get Module ID in Helper Loop Timeout for Cloneable Module

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Hi everybody, 


I am using a cloneable module with a helper loop to collect sensor data. For this I use the timeout case of the helper loop the determine the refresh rate of the sensors. Because I want to get multiple instances of the same sensor setup I want to use the cloneable module. I am wondering now if there is a possibility to get the module ID in the timeout case of the helper loop to show which instance of the sensors timed out. 


I am quite new to DQMH especially to cloneable modules so please apologize if this has a simple solution. 


Thanks in advance





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Accepted by Johimi

Hey Johimi,


happy to hear that you're using DQMH for your programming needs.


You can read the clone's Module ID from the Module Admin object by wiring the Module Admin to the helper loop and using a simple property node, see the screenshot:


Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-16 um 10.28.49.png

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