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Invalid vector or Matrix_Error

Hi all,


When I try to subtract two numeric channels, I get a "Invalid vector or Matrix".


The channels contain 6000 individual points against time in milliseconds.


The formula is:


Call FormulaCalc("ch(L16):= (ch(L17)-ch(L15))")
The channel L17 is intially intiated as 0.
Help needed in this regard. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Manilycan,


Unless you're using a REALLY old version of DIAdem, I'd suggest instead the ANALYSIS function


Call ChnSub(ChannelOne, ChannelTwo, ChannelDiff)


If you really need to use the Channel Calculator for some reason, you should try explicitly setting all the channel lengths the same before running this calcualtion:


ChnLength(L16) = 6000
ChnLength(L17) = 6000
ChnLength(L15) = 6000
Call FormulaCalc("ch(L16):= ch(L17) - ch(L15)")


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instrumentss

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