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Unit 4 - DAQ


In this unit we will learn about data acquisition and file I/O in LabVIEW. We will go over creating tasks and configuring channels in the measurement and automation explorer as well as in LabVIEW. At the end we will write data to a file using the express VIs available in LabVIEW as well as with the basic functions.

Table of Contents

Unit 4 - Lesson 1 TP.png

Lesson 1 -  In this lesson we talk about the DAQ Assistant Express VI. We set up the DAQ Assistant to read data from our MyDAQ and output it to a graph.

Unit 4 - Lesson 2 TP.png

Lesson 2 -  In this lesson we go over data acquisition using the DAQmx functions. We talk about how to navigate thorugh the Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) and how to create a task. We also look at an example to deeper our understanding of the DAQmx palette.

Unit 4 - Lesson 3 TP.png

Lesson 3 -  In this lesson we learn how to read and write  from a file using Express VIs. Specifically we will be talking about the "Write to Measurement File" and "Read from Measurement File" Express VIs.

Unit 4 - Table Page.png

Lesson 4 -  In this lesson we learn to read and write from a file using the functions available in the File I/O palette.

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