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Unit 4: DAQ - Lesson 3


In this lesson we are going to talk about File I/O with express VIs.

Express VIs are wizard like functions which provide a user interface and ease of use, at the expense of some flexibility. The express VIs we will be concentrating on, are the "Write to Measurement File" and "Read from Measurement File". These provide a lot of functionality of the standard File I/O functions, but with a minimal amount of programming.

Lesson Video

Example Snippet


Practice Problem

Procedure: Create the required VI(s) to achieve the following tasks.


  1. Create a VI which reads data from the MyDAQ audio In port.
  2. After collecting this data write it to a comma seperated file using the Read From Measurement File express VI.

Practice Solution

U.L3 Snippet.png

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Unit 4: DAQ - Lesson 4

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