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Mechanical Engineering Labs with MyDAQ


These labs are designed to provide students with a practical background in measurement systems for recording and controlling real world processes and conditions. The labs provided come with instructrions, hints and other information to help guide students.

Table of Contents

ME L1.png

Lab 1 Dice Game - This lab is designed to allow you to practice basic programming techniques using loops structures, as well as to ensure that you understand how to do simple I/O operations with your data acquisition board.

ME L2.png

Lab 2 AD590 - This lab is designed to assist you in learning how to acquire analog data, as well as how to display and save long term data using LabVIEW.

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Lab 3 Thermocouple - This lab is designed to teach you about amplifying signals, introduce you to basic digital filtering and reinforce generating data files for later use.

ME L4.png  Lab 4 Math with LabVIEW - This lab is designed to reinforce basic array operations. You will examine methods on how to manipulate arrays and how to do math on array values. This lab will also lay the groundwork for a later Lab 5 Perturbation.
Unit 2 - Lesson 4 TP.png  Lab 5 Perturbation - This lab is designed to reinforce perturbation calculations. Use the program designed in Lab 4 to help with the calculations.

Other Resources

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