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CTD Practice Solution

I was reviewing the solution provided for the CTD practice exam, and comparing it to what I had come up with, and the provided solution seems not to address one of the test specifications. The final bullet point, after Test 3, states:

  • If the test fixture cannot be initialized
    • Supress all errors (but mark the test as an error)
    • Record that it could not initialize the test fixture using an Additional Results step.

Did I miss something? The solution doesn't seem to address this point in any capacity. Did this actually get dropped from the official solution, or are there some esoteric settings I'm not familar with? Would this solution be considered a 100% perfect, or merely passable?


I addressed the test specification by collecting the "Success" booleans output by the initialization VIs, setting the Run Options for these steps to "Ignore Run-Time Errors" and deselecting "Step Failure Causes Sequence Failure". I then created a <None> adapter Pass/Fail test step where I "anded" the success booleans, and added a conditional Additional Results to this step which added the "Could not initialize test fixture" verbage to the report on failure. Does this seem satisfactory to meet the specification?

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Does anybody have an answer to SSMiller question? I have started to review the CTD sample exam and have the exact same question.

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