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CLA-R seems outdated and recommended training courses not fully found

Just took the CLA-R and I feel that the whole exam is just not up to date. 

First off the preparation resources indicate two courses that most of the info comes from: Managing Software Engineering in LabVIEW and Advanced Architectures for LabVIEW. 

The Managing Software Engineering in LabVIEW cannot be found searching the NI website. Only after Googling it did I find some resources (that were in the NI website). Even after finding those resources I couldn't match all of the sample exam questions to the found resources. Since half of the questions are about this information I feel it currently is impossible to fully prepare for these types of questions. 

Second, the Advanced Architectures portion of the exam contains a few questions on XControls. Pretty much every CLA holder I know actively advocates to stay away from XControls. So why is this still on the test? I get needing to know about them, but linking the CLA to knowing the nuances of them seems outdated. 

Also, and I don't know if this is on NI's side or Examity's side, but the links in exam appointment email from Examity do not point to the actual login for the exam. I had to contact customer support to actually find the proper website to go to. 

Rant over, time to go schedule another exam...


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