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Monthly Bugs, May 2014

Continued from the April 2014 bugs thread



 The posting rules are as always:


  • Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the thread where it is being discussed.
  • One post/bug!
  • One bug/post!
  • No discussion of bugs. All discussions of a bug must take place in the original linked thread.
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FFT and inverse FFT slow down dramatically (50x) if the input array is NaN.


(discussed here, no CAR yet)

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CAR:  471706


Bug in the build specification that doesn't allow pasting text into a string control.

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Property dialog incorrectly allows you to assign a label to a decoration (which does not persist.)


CAR# 472645

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Since May 2014 is no longer happening, this thread is now closed.


Continued in the June 2014 bug thread.

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