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Enable use of Aliases in System Explorer

If you want to exchange a model you have to reconfigure many things. You could use Aliases to reduce the effort for the Workspace and Workspace Tools.

But in the System Explorer you can only use Aliases for Calculated Channels.

Please make it possible to use Aliases also for Mappings, Alarms and Procedures.


Thank you,




In my eyes it is necessary also to upgrade the import/export function. What is the benefit of importing/exporting if i lose all descriptions completely?


I am currently using a single System Definition for two products that are almost exactly the same, but with different LIN message names.  Importing different sets of aliases has greatly reduced the amount of work I have to do from outside VeriStand.  For example TestStand can make the same API call whether I'm working with part A or part B.  However since I can't use aliases for alarms, my work inside VeriStand is coomplicated.  For example I have to have two sets of alarms for every LIN signal that I want to track.  That alone is inneficient but it gets even worse when it's time to maintain the alarms.


You should too extand the System Explorer API to access the alias from a Custom Device. This could be useful for Custom Device like Embedded Data Logger to select the channel using the alias.


I posted a similiar idea.  I think having the ability to map to aliases would be really powerful.

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