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Specify the configuration to include into installer

Using CVI 2010 you can create different Custom Configurations

But I think that if a developer creates a new Custom Configuration (debug or release, x86 or x64), he wants to distribute it to a target machine. I don't create a Custom Configuration to have it run on my developer machine!

I've already asked to NI Support, and this can't be done in an automatic way.


So I suggest a new feature in the "Edit Installer" window to specify which Configuration (Default or Custom) to include into the installer (see attachments)


Hi vix,


Any custom configuration that you create should appear in the Edit Installer dialog. The only caveat is that it must be a release configuration. For example, I added a "MyConfig" custom configuration to the WebBrowser example program, and this is what the Files tab in the Edit Installer dialog looks like:




My guess is that your "collaudo" custom configuration is a debug configuration and this is probably why it's not showing up for you.


There is no automatic inclusion of debug targets in the installer. However, you can always add them manually, which you should only need to do once, by browsing to the actual file on disk, using the "Local Files & Directories" tree.



Status changed to: New

Hi Luis,

you're right: mi "collaudo" custom configuration is a debug one.

And I wrote this suggestion because I'd like an automatic way to include debug configurations into the installer.

I know I can do it manually, but if you do this the absolute path of the exe is used, and if you move the project folder you won't be able to create the installer anymore...


Hi vix,


You bring up a good point about how when you move the project, you lose the absolute path of the file that you added to the installer. However, there's actually a simple fix for that: if you add the target file of your debug configuration to the project itself (I know it seems odd to add an .exe to the project, but it's really quite harmless), then the path will be preserved, since CVI preserves the relative paths of all files in your that are included in the project.


Once the file is in the project, you can add it to the installer by either browing to it under the My Computer node or, more directly, by expanding the Project Files node.


I realize this is not quite the solution you're looking for. But until and unless we add automatic inclusion of debug targets to the installer tool, this is at least a workaround.