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myWheatstoneBridge is a LabVIEW written tutorial which introduces the basics of strain-based measurements and guides the student through how to set up a strain measurement system. As the student navigates through the theory behind the measurements is explained, covering concepts such as the Wheatstone Bridge circuit and variations of this. There are also several practical, hands-on sections where the user can take strain measurments and observe how these measurements are being taken. Later the tutorial goes on to explain certain errors that a user can expect to encounter in their measurements and how to overcome these.







Hardware Required:

- NI myDAQ

- Elenco myProtoboard

- Strain Gauge

- Test Specimen

- Wires


Also attached to this document are wiring configurations that will enable others to set up their hardware to run this tutorial. Below here is a video which gives an overview of what the tutorial contains:


Instructions to run:

  1. Set up the myDAQ with the prototyping board attached to it.
  2. Set up the circuit using the attached Connections.pdf
  3. Run myWheatstoneBridge.exe


Mac Users: Since you cannot run a .exe on a Mac, run the User Interface VI from the LabVIEW Code 2011 SP1 zip file.


I hope that you find this useful!

David B
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK