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Pitch Shifting using the LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit

This document is inspired by the tutorial Pitch Shifting in Real Time in LabVIEW that covers pitch shifting and an application for detecting elephant communication.  It utilizes one of the most common forms of pitch shifting, using a Phase Vocoder to increase or decrease the pitch of an audio signal in real-time while maintaining the time duration of the signal.  While this can be 'faked' by simply increasing or decreasing the output sample rate, it's not true pitch shifting if the overall duration of the signal changes.

ASK03 Jul. 19 22.13.jpg

The LabVIEW block diagram uses the following methodolgy to shift the pitch of the incoming signal:

The front panel user inteface shows the input signal as well as the resulting signal with altered pitch.  The only control allows the user to modify the ratio of the re-sample process.

ASK04 Jul. 19 22.13.jpg

You wil need access to the LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit to run this example, which can be downloaded and installed for a 30 day evaluation from the Resources tab.