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xnet same alias but different dbc file?



I'm developing a Veristand deployment and two versions of it in different folders, the first is where I do my work and the second is a 'stable' version.

Both use the same XNET aliases but I'd like them to use different dbc files, so that I can develop and test modifications to the dbc without affecting the stable version.


At the moment this seems to be impossible, since one alias can reference only one dbc.

I don't want to go down the road of having to modify the Veristand configuration each time I make a stable version.

Is there a way around this, such as referencing the dbc directly (in Veristand), or with a path relative to the Veristand project files?




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HI Craig, 

It seems that there is no way to programmatically or relatively reference the dbc.

One way to make this more simple would be to create two different system definition files, one referencing each database, that way you can simply swap it out rather than going back through the configuration to choose the dbc repeatedly. 


I hope this helps

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Hi Tim,


Thanks for your reply.


I've explored a bit more and I think you're right that there's no way to do it pragmatically.

Absolute paths seem to be a problem elsewhere to, for instance Stimulus Profiles.




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