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Execute and test Veristand Project without real-time hardware

Our team, while experienced in LabVIEW, is new to Veristand.


We build RT applications that run on cRIOs, PXI or sbrio, and now we're trying Veristand. An issue we're facing right now is that we can't run the Veristand project in a simulation mode on the Windows system.  In our standard "LabVIEW" projects, our Code is written in such a way that it can run both in development environment on Windows or loaded onto the cRIO. This way developers don't always have to have a cRIO available to test.


So as the title say, can we execute and test our Veristand Project without real-time hardware?

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It is possible, provided that you have the hardware or are able to create simulated hardware on your Windows environment. The hardware (real or simulated) must be detected in NI MAX before you can use them in VeriStand.

Senior Technical Support Engineer | CLD CTA | NI

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Thank you for your response.


We were able to simulate this on the development PC by selecting a different operating system in the configuration file (Windows PC instead of Linux) and use localhost instead of the cRIO's IP-address.

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