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error code -1074118627


I have a Ettus USRP N210 with a SBX daughterboard FPGA firmware release 4.

Labview 2012 SP1 (32-bit) and NI-USRP 1.2 on a 64-bit Windows OS


When I try to run any of the NI USRP VI like Tx Continuos Async it reports the following error code: -1074118627


niUSRP Write Tx Data (CDB).vi<ERR>A runtime or configuration error occurred. Code: 2410 Details: RuntimeError: LookupError: Path not found in the tree: /mboards/0/dboards/A/tx_frontends/0/sensors/lo_locked


Can anyone help me with this issue please?


With regards,

-Marco Bosco

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The error code, maybe, is related to a CARs (369233 and 322349). To resolve it you must update di firmware of USRP. Download the last available driver of USRP:



and than follow the instructions on this white-paper:


I hope that the informations will help.



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thanks for your answer.


I have the same problem with my new USRP N210. I have made the different modifications (update firmware) but no change.


Do you have solved your problem ?



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