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Runtime or configuration error occurred.(Error Code: 1074118627)

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  Details: LookupError: Path not found in tree: /mboards/0/dboards/A/rx_frontends/0/sensors/lo_locked.


  When I try to work my design, I take this error. (Code: 1074118627)



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Hi ITUbahadir,


What version of the NI-USRP driver are you using?


What daughterboard do you have installed in your USRP?


This error typically indicates that the driver does not properly recognize the daughterboard that is installed.  Providing answers to the 2 questions above can help us troubleshoot your issue and help you get the device running properly.

Sarah Yost
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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   Hi Sarah_Y, 

   I am using USRPN210 and daughterboard's name is SBX. Also, I am using NI-USRP version 1.2 as software.

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Hi ITUbahadir,


This is a known issue with select SBX boards.  National Instruments has found and resolved an issue that results in the following error message:


Error -1074118627 occurred at niUSRP Possible reason(s): A runtime or configuration error occurred. Code: 2410 Details: LookupError: Path not found in tree: /mboards/0/dboards/A/rx_frontends/0/sensors/lo_locked


Please contact National Instruments support line: 1-866-ASK-MyNI, and an Applications Engineer will help you resolve this issue.

Sarah Yost
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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Accepted by topic author ITUbahadir
Problem was solved. I sent mail to Aplications Engineer. Thanks for your replies.
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HI Sarah_Y, I have met with this problem for many days, and I'm preparing for the VI contest(final) in China. I have try many ways. I create virtual machines to run labview and usrp, but this problem can't be avoid. And I have tried 3 different PCs. But It all failed. Thanks. We need your help.
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can you provide details of the solution?

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Do to the nature of the solution, this issue has to be guided through an NI support request. I encourage you to reach out to an Applications Engineer online or by calling 1-866-275-6964.

Mark M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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If I don't have a current service membership will I not be able to access technical support on this issue?

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please let me know your application engineer email I have a software problem

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