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Upload / Download a file to / from a Web Application built with GWeb and Systemlink Cloud



I have a test setup which is controlled by a myRio-1900 and a display, which serves as a control and indication. All the programming in LabView is already done and I performed a lot of experiments with this setup successfully.


Now I want to change a few things to make the setup more simple to deal with.

My aim is to be able to control different actions of this test setup (e.g. start a new experiment, change the parameters of the experiment, ...) and display variables of the current experiment like the elapsed time, the curent temperature, ... with an web application. I built an example program in LabView and GWeb and uploaded it to Systemlink Cloud in order to read and write between the internet application and the myRIO controller. I realised this by using tags and the Systemlink Cloud.


To get to my problem. I want to make it possible to download the generated data file from the experiment (which is saved as a .txt file on the myRIO) with a donwload button from the web application.

I alread found the File for WebVI library from Milan and went through the different features, but I am a little bit overwhelmed and don't know how to solve my problem.


Can somebody of you help me with this?

Thank You!

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