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(Simulate) Install software In-Queue status for days. Tips to diagnose?

I see clients that end up with software install/uninstall jobs that seem stuck in an In-Queue state. I've rebooted clients to attempt to clear it out. More often than not my fix has been to cancel the job after several days and then remotely log in and make the change directly using Package Manager.


Are there tips anyone can share to help me diagnose why some of these jobs seem to just end up lingering?

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Were you able to solve the problem? We experience the same problems on our production machines. Sometimes it works just fine, but alot of times the jobs are just stuck forever (with the same simple packages, so it seems not to be a package-problem).

Also we see alot of failed jobs on systemlink that run in the background. I have recently invested a lot of time in ruling out various interference factors (Antivirus, different setups, computers, networks, etc.). So far without success. We are using SystemLink 2022 Q1...

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