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Run a php script hosted in system link cloud

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Is possible to host a php script in systemlink cloud in order to execute it with an http request? Thanks in advance

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No, this is not possible. That said, I'd like to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Perhaps there is supported way. 

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Thanks for your attention. There are several tags defined for an IoT application and these tags are stored in systemlink cloud.. Each tag have properties with their according value and all this data is stored in the cloud. We want to make http requests in order to get some properties (and their values) from the tags, but we don't want to receive all the properties in one string. We would like to receive particulars properties for post processing in the IoT application

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Please correct me if I understand incorrectly. You have an application where you are trying to retrieve values and properties for tags stored in SystemLink Cloud, but the available API returns that data in a format that you do no want to use. Instead you want to use something running on SystemLink Cloud that can format that response into a form you desire. Is that correct?

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Hi, thanks for your attention. Yes, that's exactly the point. We make an http request for several tags and we get all the properties with their according value in a string, but this string is too long. We would like to run a script in the host in order to select the tags and properties we want to get in the consult


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Accepted by topic author jesusrojas

I suggest looking through the API documentation for tags: I suggest creating to the tags you want then calling GET on the selection to return the values and properties for those tags. 


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Thank you very much for your attention and response. We will check this documentation in order to get the appropriate syntax to make the consult we require. The API documentation's link you shared is very useful. Thanks and regards

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