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Error installing systemlink client

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I tried to install systemlink client but got the following error while installing.


An error occurred while installing a package: ni-sysmgmt-salt-minion-support (

Additional error information:
An error occurred while installing the MSI at 'nisysmgmt_salt_minion_servicei.msi'.




I could not find similar issues for anyone. any ideas?


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I see the very same problem. I tried before to install NI SystemLink Server & Client in one step, but this failed for a similar error (not the same, unfortunately I didn't write it down, which is not very engineers like). Then I installed only Server, which passed, but now with Client i face this problem.

I unchecked the TestStand and Python support options. While installing the second time, the NI Package Manager shows only the Systemlink Client as dependency (the first time there were a lot entries, like Systemlink Tag API stuff), and it results in the same error again.

Greets, Dave
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I went through the same process, installed everything else with no problem except the client. Still have not figured out the issue...



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I tried it on a clean and freshly installed Win10 machine and got it there to work.


I searched on the first machine (my development computer) in the windows event logs, in the branch "administrative events" (translated from german GUI, possibly not exactly the same) for the search term "minion" and found two events from the installation, the third event occurs about everey minute. I attached the event log messages in the "salt_minion_error_log.txt".

Perhaps this helps the NI people guessing what went wrong and fixing it in the next release.

Greets, Dave
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Accepted by Jykä

Hi guys,


I've tried to install SL Client 22.8 with this approaches and they all worked fine: 

  1. Install SL Client 22.8 on a clean machine using our internal installer
  2. Install SL Client 22.8 on a clean machine using the published offline installer
  3. Install SL Client 22.8 on a clean machine using the published online installer
  4. Install SLS 21.5 and then SL Client 22.8 using the online installers.

So I think we need more input to better understand what is happening.


First, are you trying to install SL Client 22.8 on top of a machine that has SL Server /SL Client already installed? If yes, which versions? Could you provide a snapshot from NIPM?


Second, you could enable the msi logs of NIPM by doing this:

1. Create the C:\foo folder

2. Add the configuration to the following file:

C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\Settings





After this restart NIPM and retry the installation. After it fails, grab the files from the msilogs folder and attach them here.


Dave, I see that you are trying to upgrade from 21.0 to 21.5:

"Upgrades des Pakets 'ni-sysmgmt-salt-minion-support (' auf 'ni-sysmgmt-salt-minion-support (' "

I've translated the description of that event and it seems that there is an issue related to an executable that is provided by our installer:

The description for Event ID '1026' from source 'nssm' was not found.

Historically, there were some cases when nssm.exe has been reported as a threat and quarantined by some AVs. Can you check if 

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\salt-minion\nssm.exe still exists? 

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