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Cannot receive email regarding your alarm on SystemLink server

Hello all


I am confused with the alarm in the systemlink server how does it work, i have created the notification strategy, email group and email templates. I also created alarm rule for that specific tag. However, I dont receive any email regarding on the alarm on that tag, even though it is above the condition set point.


Need help 

Thank you 

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On the server you need to use the SystemLink Server Configuration utility to configure the SMTP setting before the server can send email notifications. 

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I tried to send a test email from the SystemLink server and it works. I am able to receive the email sent from SystemLink server.


Below is the screenshot of the successful email sent.

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To avoid confusion, the issue I have is regarding to the systemlink localhost that I tried to use the alarm rule and notification strategy to send my alarm to the designated emails. 


I apologise.

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