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Can a Systemlink client be installed on the same machine as Systemlink Server?

First time setting up / using Systemlink, and wanted to check if there was any good reason to not install a Systemlink client on the same machine as Systemlink Server?


My client's IT department is asking the question. It doesn't seem like the right thing to do, but I don't have any hard reasons why not.


Our project will include 8 cRIOs, each with Systemlink Client.  However we'll have one other LabVIEW application running on a Windows machine acting as a Systemlink client - and they would prefer to have this running on the same machine as the server.  

Christopher Farmer

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I've not read of a downside to this. Maybe there is one? Full disclosure I do this as well. But only because it made it a bit easier for me to use the same framework to monitor the server at the same time.

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