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Announcing SystemLink 2021 R3

Role-Based Access Control

  • Adding users—Add a user directly to a workspace by username or email.
  • Restricted analysis privileges—Grant read privileges of all workspaces while limiting uploading and updating content to one workspace.
  • Workspace owner role—Add users to a workspace without being a server administrator.

System and Asset Management

  • Asset attachments—Add attachments to assets, such as a calibration certificate or manual.
  • Tag data—Configure the asset grid to show tag data as a column.
  • Filter systems—In the query builder on the systems grid, you can filter by systems with or without a specific software package installed on the system.
  • System files—Use the Files tab in the system details view to see documents uploaded by the system.
  • Calibration updates—Quickly view assets past due or approaching calibration dates using pre-configured filters from the assets grid.
  • Asset actions—Run self-test, self-calibration, and reset on supported assets.
  • Systems grid configurations—Save and share your custom system view.

Measurement Data Management


Workspace support (LabVIEW and G Web Development)—With the Use Workspace VI in LabVIEW or G Web Development, specify a workspace for APIs to use. The following APIs now support workspaces:

  • Alarms
  • Test Monitor

Download -

Behavior Changes -


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It's good to see that new releases keep coming out at a steady pace.


I also read in the documentation that now we can connect to a remote PostgreSQL. I couldn’t find anywhere though an explanation on why would we want to do so. I followed from there the link to SystemLink Operations Handbook but I could not find any mention of PostgreSQL in the handbook.


Would you be able to provide some clarification on how can me make best use of your latest features?


Thank you!

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Hi Mihai, 


This capability will be made available in an upcoming patch. We're currently working on the handbook chapter on migrating and upgrading SystemLink. This will include details on how to migrate test data to Postgres. I hope to have that published within the next two weeks. 

NI App Software R&D
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