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I'm using Labview to program pxi-2569 switch module to be integrated into Teststand sequence. In one step of the Teststand sequence, I want to close a couple of relays to route voltage signal to DMM. At the next sequence step, I will measure voltages using DMM, and then at the following step, I will open the relays to prepare for subsequent tests.


The problem is that after the closing-relay VI session ends, all closed relays will be reset to open automatically. we know PXI-2569 use latching armature relays, that means if a relay is closed, it will remain close until we send a open command to it. It seems PXI-2569 relays will remain closed in just one VI run session, all relays will be open when a VI run session ends.


Or I have to group the relay control codes into DMM measurement VI? Can I make independent switch control VIs that are seperated from other VIs to make my VIs more modular, and easier to duplicate?






my email: bryan.li-contractor@sanmina-sci.com

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The problem is due to the initialization VI that will default reset relays to open position. If the default reset choice is 'false', the relays will remain closed.





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