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Switch Executive Stops working after LabVIEW 2009 install.

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I just installed LabVIEW 2009 and now Switch Executive 3.0 doesn't work.

NISE open session vi returns 0 instead of valid session ID. It now does this with LabVIEW 8.6.1 too.


Everything seems to be OK in MAX.


Any suggestions?

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Accepted by topic author pirkola

Hi Pirkola,


I'll attempt to reproduce this.  I understand there is a 0 returned for a session ID.  Is there an error returned as well?




Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


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Hi Pirkola,


I was not able to reproduce the problem.  What solved the issue?




Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


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I am experiencing similar problem! After I've installed labview 2009 my old switch executive virtual device routes stop working in such a way if I try to set a route from switch executive test panel the attached error message pops up.


I am using


Labview 9.0.1 TestStand 4.2.1Switch Executive 4.6.2 Many Thanks in advance Mehran


Mehran Fard
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Hi Mehran-


     Have you installed support for LabVIEW 2009 in Switch executive?  Here is a KnowledgeBase article addressing how to do this.  It specifically addresses NISE 3.0, but you can double-check the steps for NISE 4.6.2.


     I hope this helps out.  Best of luck with your application!

Gary P.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
Visit ni.com/gettingstarted for step-by-step help in setting up your system.
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Make sure all is OK in your session. Validate setup and check that the switches work in test panel. If you are using 3rd party switches IVI setup is critical. This is very tricky as the documentation is incomplete.


Reboot system. Always restart LabVIEW after any activity in MAX.


That's all I can think of now but I know from experience with NISE that you must be tenacious and try every possible permutation of options. Tech support was not very helpful in my case because I am using 3rd party switches.


Good Luck.

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