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How my application can call VTI switch driver functions using NISE? What is the call stack/

Hi yadi,


I believe VTI provides an IVI driver that can control their switches.  NI Switch Executive sits on top of IVI.

Note: You can test VTI's IVI specific driver by calling functions from the VTI driver directly in your application.


1. To use the IVI class driver (IviSwtch) installed by NI Switch Executive (NI Switch Executive installs IVI Compliance Package 3.2) create a Software Module, Driver Session, and Logical Name in MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer). 


1a. The Software Module will link to the VTI IVI specific driver. 

MAX>>IVI Drivers>>Advanced>>Instrument Driver Software Modules


1b. The Driver Session links to the Software Module and hardware name (for example: PXI#::#::INSTR) as well as sets up certain hardware attributes (for example: topology). 

MAX>>IVI Drivers>>Driver Sessions 


1c. The Logical Name links to the Driver Session and is the string you will pass to the initial VI or function call in your application (to open a session to the instrument).

MAX>>IVI Drivers>>Logical Names


Note: Once the Software Module, Driver Session, and Logical Name are configured correctly, you can use IVI Class driver (IVISwtch) calls in your application.

Note: You may need VTI's assistance to properly configure the above IVI information.


2. To use NI Switch Executive, create a new NI Switch Executive Virtual Device configuration and add the aforementioned Logical Name(s) of the switch device(s) to the configuration. 

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Hi yadi,


How is this going? 


After searching for information on VTI's switch driver, I found that VTI products can be identified by their IP address.  If this is the case with your product, the Resource Descriptor shown in the Driver Session's Hardware tab should be configured similar to the following: "TCPIP::". 


Note: In the previous message, I provided the example: "PXI#::#::INSTR" - a hardware name more likely used with 3rd party PXI devices.


Let me know if you have any questions! 


Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer



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