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myIntruder Alarm (/myNinja Protection System)


It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone is afraid of being attacked by invisible ninjas.

DO NOT FEAR!  You can now protect yourself by building the simple, elegant myRIO alarm system.  It converts convert a simple infra-red distance sensor into a motion detector which sets off a horrible static noise if someone crosses its path.  Even if they’re invisible to the human eye, because the system uses an infra-red detector it will still trigger as an invisible ninja passes by.

Using the handily pre-configured I/O on the FPGA to acquire the incoming voltages from the distance measurer, the myRIO will detect any changes and the real-time operating system will react, setting off an alarm system with flashing lights and static, to warn you of encroaching doom.

Picture of project:


Parts List:


Sharp Distance Sensor:


Full detailed instructions attached: requires LabVIEW myRIO 2013

Chiara A
Applications Engineer with NI UK & Ireland
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