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<Insert title of ELVIS project>


Overview of what project is:
❤️ -5 sentences>

Picture of project:
<Example: Front panel, physical project, code>
<Maximum file size: 500.0 K. Also, please note that images larger than 800px wide or 600px tall will be scaled to fit those limits in your content.>

(optional) Video of projects
<Supported file formats: youtube, vimeo, and google video>
<Length: 3-5 minutes>

(optional) Parts List:
<Example: Sensors, materials used>

Wiring Diagram:
< If an external circuit was created an actual picture of circuit and drawing of connections>

< Steps to allow user to walk through project and reproduce>

C or LV?:

Version of LV:

<Attach code>


Hassan Atassi
Senior Group Manager, Digital Support