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Texas Instruments: TMP102 Temperature Sensor

Sensor Type: Temperature Sensor

Manufacture/Model Number: Texas Instruments: TMP102

Link to Sensor:

LabVIEW or C: LabVIEW    

Version of LV: 2013

Description/Instructions on how to use this example:

This example reads data from TMP102 digital temperature sensor, processes the data and displays the data on the waveform chart.

1. Connect the sensor to myRIO.

      TMP102                        myRIO

      V+                                +3.3V

      Gnd                              Gnd

      SCL                              A Connector/SCL

      SDA                              A Connector/SDA

2. Check the myRIO target IP Address in the project and make sure the target IP Address is correct.

3. Run this VI.

Code: Attached Temperature

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