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Template for Submission to the NI Student Design Competition


  1. Read the rules, eligibility criteria, and legal terms.
  2. Submissions must be in English.
  3. Important: In the labels box at the bottom of the page, please select the geographical region in which you study 
  4. Embed images, diagrams and videos(with captions)within the text to improve your entry 
  5. Remove these instructions before submitting. 

Contact Information: 

Year Submitted:YYYY 
List of Team Members (with year of graduation): 
Faculty Advisers: 
Main Contact Email Address: 


Project Information: 


The title of your project  


Simple, one paragraph summary of your project. 


List of NI hardwaresoftware, modules, and toolkits used in project, as well as other key hardware or software required for the project. 

The Challenge: 
Make the reader care about your project. Which problem were you solving? What was the problem significant, meaningful or important? What is it important to address this problem?  

[Include photos/diagrams/videos to help audience understanding] 

The Solution: 
Describe your project and how it works 
Explain how you used LabVIEW and the NI platform, and how it benefitted you and the project.  

[Include photos/snippets of LabVIEW code/diagrams/videos to help audience understanding] 

The Conclusion: 

What is the impact of your project? What did you learn or discover? Was your project significant, innovative or the first of its kind?  

Has your project received any other awards, recognition, glowing feedback or press coverage? 

What is next for the project? 


Time to Build: 

How long did you have to work on your project? 


Optional: Attach any files that would complement your entry. For example: 

  • Project Poster or University Report 
  • LabVIEW Code 
  • Images, diagrams, videos