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Laboratory stand of automatic control an aerodynamic object

Contact Information

University and Department: Donetsk National Technical University (Automation and telecommunications)

Team Members:Dima Lebedenko, Anton Platskov, Eugen Oleynikov, Andrey Polupan

Faculty Advisors:Anton Kharitonov

Primary Email Address:                                    

Primary Telephone Number: +380664332676

Project Information

All parts (hardware, software, etc.) used to design and complete project:


LabVIEW 8.5.

Describe the challenge your project is trying to solve.

The stand of automatic control an aerodynamic object is developed for practical application in education on disciplines: «Theory of automatic control in aerodynamic», «Mechatronic and Robotics», "Theory of mechanic". The presented object of the system of aerodynamic management is universal in area of teaching and carries in itself acquainting character with the practical systems.

Universality of this setting is in that a student by LABVIEW software can program PID regulator and to see work of mathematical laws on the real object of automation. In the process of development the system of automation was finished off a home-made device, which base of microcontroller Atmega8 and station NI ELVIS. Software was developed in LABVIEW 8.5 with use of PID Control Toolset, and driver of FTDI for an exchange on protocol of USB .