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LED Clock (Documentation Coming Soon!)


Instructions on how to use Code: 

64 to 10 Bit Hash Function

  • Bernstein Hash Function (djb2)
  • Hash10 = (Hash16>>6) XOR Hash16
  • Hash16 = ((((5381*33 + piece1)*33 + piece2)*33 + piece3)*33 + piece4)

7-Segment LED Decoder/Driver

Modified Pin-out:
< If your code is a new FPGA Personality, please add changed pin-outs in either an Excel spreadsheet or by modifying the pictures below>



< Please delete pin-out pictures if not relevant to your code>

Code Attached: LED Clock Code

C or LV? : LabVIEW

Version: 2013

Sunaina K.
Product Marketing Manager for CompactRIO & TSN

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