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First data acquisition software for myRIO is already available on LabVIEW Tools Network

The first data acquisition software created to reshape NI myRIO into a data logging system is already available on LabVIEW Tools Network.


Combined with the myRIO hardware, RLogger is a turn-key solution to log and view in real-time signals from various sensors. The application allows creation of virtual channels, alarms, triggers, and control analog outputs using closed-loop control. For the control of analog outputs it is possible to choose from several waveform types, which are being generated on the FPGA for better accuracy and stable operation.


The software is built to be wizard based, so that to improve user experience and help to escape from any mistakes while configuring the system. Intuitive interface allows to configure the full system in minutes.


RLogger features also offline viewer, to download and view already logged data.


Check out the software from the following link: