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Efficient Ambulance Controlled Traffic Light System for Student Design Competition 2013

Contact Information

University: Vellore Institute of Technology

Team Members (with year of graduation): (1) Shivank Gupta  (2) Shashwat Verma

Faculty Advisers: D. Shalini

Email Address:


Submission Language : English



Project Information

Title: Efficient Ambulance Controlled Traffic Light System




Abstract and Project Vision

In this project we are using Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiations (RF-EMR) communication to implement the efficient system to control the traffic lights by the ambulance in case of an emergency. RF-EMR radiations are strong enough to send a signal to some device at a distance of atleast 200mtrs.

The project has been chosen to save human life which is the most valuable and costliest thing in this world. And as per the design of the project it is very much feasible in long run in real time applications.



All the roads of a crossing having traffic lights will be distinguished as N-North, S-south, E-East, W-West in order to differentiate between different roads and each road will be having the particular symbols (N, S, E, W) at a distance of atleast 200mtrs from the crossing . Each ambulance will be having 4 buttons viz. N, S, E, W.  Suppose an ambulance is coming from North(N) side can see a N-syambol at a distance of atleast 200mtrs from the crossing, so in order to make the traffic light green, it can press the button N.

Each direction will be associated with some binary number say

N - 00

S -  01

E -  10

W- 11

So on pressing the particular button the equivalent binary sequence will be sent to the crossing and the respective traffic light will become green.


In case to avoid confusion between two ambulances coming from different directions, each ambulance will set some priority (say pregnant lady will have higher priority than a patient having only fever) and will be given preference according to that.

In case of same priority FCFS (First Come First Serve) system will be followed.






Software Tools:

National Instruments LabVIEW and toolkits


Hardware Tools:

To implement this application using hardware and to make a real time model the required components are Arduino (UNO) microcontroller, Traffic light system (which can be implemented using the same microcontroller), RF Transmitters and Receivers. We have to develop one application program in EMBEDDED-C.




The Challenge


Various limitations are there like having an efficient communication between the traffic light and ambulance and particularly setting the priority of the ambulance.




Estimated Timeframes


Implementation in NI LabVIEW( 2 months) and Hardware Implementation (3 months approx).




Video Link(s):




 I need to develop this application but i have found difficulties . Can i have an idea about the program ?