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Development the research stand of characteristics of the mechatronic modules with the help of equipment NI.

Contact Information

University and Department: Vladimir State University

Team Members: Smirnov Grigoriy, Sorokin Aleksandr

Faculty Advisors: Starikov Albert

Primary Email

Primary Telephone Number (include area and country code):8-4922-479-653,     (8-903-648-13-76)

Project Information

All parts (hardware, software, etc.) used to design and complete project:



Describe the challenge your project is trying to solve.

Experimental researches of parameters of a drive and mechanisms in particular are a difficult problem that speaks complexity of object of research, dimensions of techniques tests and complexity of processing of results of researches. Opportunities on conducting natural experiment now have essentially extended. The purpose has been put: using the equipment of firm National Instruments, system of strain sensors and kinematics sensors to develop the test bed on reception of an opportunity of conducting researches at a new qualitative level. For achievement of objects in view of research it was required  to solve a number{line} of tasks:

-              An opportunity of an involvement of a multilane way of data gathering from sensors of different types;

-              Gathering and record of the information in a mode of real time, synchronization of streams of the data;

-              An opportunity of introduction of program processing the acting data: mathematical statistics, a filtration of a signal, updating of entrance parameters, etc.)

-              Presentation and simplicity at reception, the analysis and processing of the information. Convenience of debugging of managing programs.

Describe how you addressed the challenge through your project.

The purpose of creation of development was reception of an opportunity of definition of the basic characteristics of mechanisms of mechatronics modules, such as:

    - The moment of resistance to rotation of the mechanism idling;

    - Kinematic transfer function ;

    - Force transfer function ;

   - Efficiency of mechanism;          

   - Factor of friction resulted ;

   - Back-Force of motion with irreversibility ;

   - Back-Power of motion with irreversibility ;

   - A stock on self-retardation relative in a mode of deduction of loading;

   - A stock on self-retardation absolute (four parameters);

   - Axial clearance at change of a direction of movement of a target link of a drive;

Using: the equipment of firm National Instruments, program LabView-8.5, payment PCI6221, system kinematic and strain sensors, the loading stand, - development of the stand research of characteristics of the mechanism has been executed in structure of electromechanical mechatronic modules.

Object of experimental researches is electromechanical mechatronic module on the basis of engine DBM 120-1,6-0,5-3-Д25, Fig. 1. As the mechanism the rollerscrew mechanisms, Fig. 2 was used. The basic circuit robots of the mechanism is submitted on Fig. 3.