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Desing and validation of structural health monitoring system for aeronautical structures

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Contact Information

University and Department: Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya

Team Members: Diego Tibaduiza , Fahit Gharibnezhad , Luis Mujica , Jose Rodellar

Faculty Advisors: Luis Mujica , Jose Rodellar

Primary Email Address:

Primary Telephone Number (include area and country code): +34 93 413 74 99

Project Information

Project Title:  Desing and validation of structural health monitoring system for aeronautical structures

List all parts (hardware, software, etc.) you used to design and complete your project:

NI PXI-1033 , NI-PXI 5114 , PXI-2529 and PXI- 5412

Describe the challenge your project is trying to solve.

Nowadays, the application of Structural Health Monitoring -SHM- in aerospace and aircraft industry has been growing up due to the need for: (i) reducing maintenance costs, and (ii) improving the safety of the components, structures and users. SHM is a multidisciplinary activity that includes different technical knowledge: instrumentation, advanced data processing, strategies for damage identification, prognosis, among others. 

Describe how you addressed the challenge through your project.

        Excite the structure with Lamb Waves (vibration waves at high frecuency) using PZT`s attached on the surface and a DAQ system.

        Apply diferent strategies based on PCA to detect , localize and identify damages in aeronautical structures.

        Suspend the instrumented structure  to isolate it  from environment disturbances.

        From all PZT’s attached on the surface, to choose the one which work as actuator by mean of the switch module.

        Excite the structure (vibrational input) with the chosen PZT and using the NI-generator  card.

        Record the vibrational responses at different points by using the rest of PZT’s (sensors) and the digitizer card.

        Change actuator  and sensors using the switch module, and repeat steps 2 to 4.

        Save and organize the data in text based format.

        Simulate damages and repeat the steps 2 until 6.

        Apply the strategy based on PCA  to compare the vibrational responses of the current and healthy structures.

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