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Automatic college bell system using labview arduino or Soundcard

Hi guys i successfully completed my project of  Automatic college bell system  using labview and arduino.As inorder to control bell we just need one pin( either high or low) and other arduino pins are useless,in this case we are wasting resources why not use another harware instead of using arduino.I think sound card is best choice when defined time equals to system time a beep is generated  hence we can control bell.


No training and exprience required

Anyone can use this (can change time)

Time can be changed in real time(this means no need to burn program again and again and no need to close software or any thing just click on tab and change time )

Other features can be added like controlling lights and fans with labview.

Project can be used for saving electricity i-e from 9:00 AM to 2:40 PM all lights and fans turn on afterward everything turns off

All action can be controlled from one place,one computer and one software or we can define different timings for different classes.

Time Synchronization between two campuses or buldings can be easily done by using WiFi or LAN

For more videos and code visit

This whole system can be LAN based.


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