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Samples collected by Signal Express

Hello! I hope that someone can help me! I have set up signal express to collect both voltage across and current to a motor. I need this information in an Excel file so I have been recording the data and exporting it. Most of the time I cannot get it to export and when it does there is only 0.1 sec of samples. I have checked out all the post and on-line information about this and nothing has helped since I am doing what others have recommended. I'm wondering if there are other suggestions out there?



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When you say you're "exporting it" how are you doing that exactly?
You should be using the Save to ASCII step? Also are you running in "Continuous Mode" or "Run Once"?

SCXI- 1000 Chassis w/ 1346 adapter
PCI 6281 DAQ card
SCXI- 1520 Bridge Board w/ 1314 Terminal Block (x2)
SCXI- 1180 Feedthrough Panel w/ 1302 Block
Signal Express 2014.
Win7 Enterprise
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