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PXI-6555 support



Is it possible to control the PXI-6555 HSDIO card via SignalExpress? As I see in the list of supported hardware (, this card is not there. I've also tried using the IVI without success. Before continuing trying I would like to know if this is possible at all.


I'm using SignalExpress 2013, NI MAX 5.6 and NI-HSDIO 2.0.




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Hi Chronos04,


Currently, the PXIe-6555 and PXIe-6556 are not supported in SignalExpress. What are you ultimately trying to accomplish? Do you have LabVIEW installed? I'd be happy to recommend an example or two that can get you started depending on what your needs are. I'm happy to help. Thanks for posting!

Robert B
RF Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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