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Can PXIE-5413 generate an ASK modulated signal with 13.56MHz carrier signal and 100kHz data signal?

I have PXIe-5413 and would like to know if it is possible to generate an ASK modulated signal with 13.56MHz carrier signal and 100kHz data signal?


I am able to generate 13.56MHz signal but not quite able to generate the modulated signal. Just wanted to check if PXIE 5413 is able to handle?




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Unlike other NI signal generators, the PXIe-5413 does not have OSP (on-board signal processing) more commonly referred to digital upconversion.

It is, however, an arbitrary waveform generator. So if you can create the waveform in your application doing the math yourself or through some toolkit such as NI's own Modulation Toolkit, then you can download the waveform to the device and generate it. 

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
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As I wrote in the other thread

You have 64M Samples you can buffer in your AWG.

just put your signal in there and you can replay it.

At 200MSPS that is 0.32 s of signal. So a AM modulation down to a .32 s periode shouldn't be a problem. (Just all frequencies (carrier and modulation) must be in full periode in your AWG signal)


If you need longer ASK modulation tasks, I would have a look into sequencing .. create at least two wfrms you store in your memory, representing the two Amplitudes (and match a 1/100kHz duration to the RFID carrier ) .

Now you can put together a much longer sequence 🙂


And if you are kind, add some rise time in the modulation to reduce bandwidth. Need some more wfrms for the stransitions and a little more code to create the sequence 😉


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Thanks for the response, I am trying to input a binary file with desired waveform, which looks like its able to do it.




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