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HIL Test Rack Validates the Gas Turbine Marine Engine

Company: VSK Test Solutions
Author(s): Mr. Puneet Kapoor, Mr. Baljeet Bhatti
NI Product(s) Used: NI PXI Real-Time Controller, Chassis, LabVIEW HIL Suite ( Real-Time, FPGA, Veristand)
Industry: Marine Defense 

The Challenge 

"Due to End of Life and minimal technical information of the Over 25 years Old HIL Test Rack, the Challenge was not only to Design, Development & Commissioning of HIL Test Rack for the Gas Turbine Marine Engine but also to make sure it works with over 25 years Old Marine Engine Controller."


The Solution 

"Used NI PXI Platform on Real-Time Platform using Pharlap & Veristand Environment with LabVIEW GUI Interface and Python Interface for scripting and Custom Hardware Board Design by VSK Test Solutions and Also compiled Matlab Simulink Model into Veristand Pharlap Compiled DLL (Dynamic Link Library)"



VSK Test Solutions was established in 2015 in order to provide consultancy services for test development in various domains like telecommunication, green energy, aerospace, and smart metering. We hold LabVIEW architect & Labwindow/CVI developer status since 2014 and using National Instrument's hardware & software platform for more than 14 years. We have been awarded NI Alliance Partnership status for our continuous test development activities with National Instruments.


The HIL Test Rack for the Gas Turbine Marine Engine consists of almost 200+ signals of around 14 different types connected to the Test Rack to the Engine Controller and have to sample rate (Analog/Digital - Inputs/Outputs) of in milliseconds to correctly decoded by the  Engine Controller which depicts actual engine & engine controller communication in the real-time environment.


Application Description


The Solutions provided by the VSK Test Solutions are dividing into the following main subsections :






  • 19 inch 32U Test Rack - Power Distribution Panel, Connector Panel, Breakout Panel
  • NI PXI Real-Time Controller, 18 Slots Chassis with I/O, FPGA Cards 
  • Custom Hardware Board ( Signal Conditioning)
  • Matlab Engine Simulink Model
  • Veristand Interface - Custom Device, LabVIEW FPGA Development, VS Screen, Stimulus Profile
  • Custom Application based on LabVIEW Graphical User Interface 
  • Calibration/Scaling Interface for Simulated Engine Signals & Engine Controller
  • Python Interface for Scripting




VSK Test Solutions has provided longer-term, flexible, scalable & efficient solutions to the client. Due to NI PXI Platform, Real-Time Pharlap, I/O cards, Veristand, LabVIEW, Real-Time FPGA Technology, the solution has the best available test & measurement capabilities, it can support a wide range of accuracy, samples rate & number of samples.




The test solution is successfully released to the client with more ongoing updates to achieve more accurate and effective results for mission-critical applications and the VSK Test Solutions team is dedicated to helping the client in anyways to provide the best support for a longer time. By using NI PXI Platform, Real-Time Pharlap, I/O cards, Veristand, LabVIEW, Real-Time FPGA Technology this solution has become very easy to build and VSK Test Solutions has to work on to get together all the tools to provide the best and efficient solution. 


Author Contact Details


Mr. Puneet Kapoor MIET

Senior System Engineer


Mr. Baljeet Bhatti                                                                                                     

Senior Hardware Engineer


VSK Test Solutions

 Unit 16 & 20 Space Business Centre
Smeaton Close, Aylesbury
Buckinghamshire HP19 8FJ



Phone: +44 (0) 1296695548


As i know the HIL test rack combines physical hardware components with advanced simulation and modeling techniques to simulate the real-world operating conditions and interactions of the engine. A high-fidelity simulation model that accurately represents the behavior and characteristics of the gas turbine marine engine. This model takes into account factors such as engine thermodynamics, mechanical dynamics, and control system response.