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Designing and Development of Automated Thermal Test Laboratory Solution for Wireless Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE)

Company: VSK Test Solutions
Author(s): Puneet Kapoor
NI Product(s) Used: LabWindows/CVI, Multifunction DAQ Card
Industry: Wireless Communication

The Challenge

Complex Wireless Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) testing can be challenging due to wide range of functionality and required testing.  We needed a system that has the ability to automate software & hardware components to test CPE more efficiently and cost-effectively.


The Solution 

“Used National Instruments LabWindows/CVI Software to develop efficient and robust command-line interface to control & monitor each of the test instruments and interface with existing test management software. 



Thermal Test Software Automation

Test Hardware for thermal automation was a Programmable AC Power Supply, AC/DC Electronic Load, AC Power Meter, Data Acquisition Unit and back-haul network for simulated environment. Test Software was command-line interfaces for each test instruments deployed on the test industrial computer and each command line was developed in Lab windows CVI programming environment. Client was already using a tool called Test Shell for their test management process and so all command line interfaces needs to be compatible with Test Shell. Command-line was having all the functions/command available in the instrumentation. 


Thermal Chamber Lamp Automation

Designing and development of a custom hardware electronic solution to automate thermal chamber lamp through software. Thermal chamber lamp is a 500W Halogen light powered by 230V AC and it needed to be switch on/off depending on the temperature of the chamber.

VSK Test Solutions have designed and developed the lamp automation box which is controlled by National Instruments Multifunction Digital Input/Output card.




Thermal Test Automation was successfully designed and delivered to the client and Few words from our client.


"VSK Test Solutions have played a vital role in the designing and implementation of hardware and software for an automated test rig. The team at VSK have been paramount in helping us to achieve an automated solution for very complex Customer Premises Equipment testing.  The team at VSK was pivotal in supporting us to integrate various instruments with different interfaces and communications protocols. Their attention to the requirements details and their innovative approach was critical in delivering a solution that exceeded our expectations. When there is no off-the-shelf solution you can trust VSK to provide you with a customized hardware or software kit that suits your testing needs."


VSK Test Solutions has managed this project start from providing a proposal, quotation, technical discussions, implementation and deployment to their laboratory and has implemented both projects successfully with 100% client’s satisfaction.

VSK Test Solutions has been National Instrument Alliance Partner for few years and successfully worked together to deliver many projects.

Author Contact Details

Puneet Kapoor MIET                                                                                              Erchin Alimseit

Chief Techincal Engineer                                                                                      Senior CPE Certification Engineer

Company: VSK Test Solutions                                                                                 Company: Virgin Media

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