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Automotive Inertial Navigation System Test Solution

Company: VSK Test Solutions
Author(s): Puneet Kapoor MIET
NI Product(s) Used: 

Software: NI LabVIEW 2017
Industry: Automotive


The Challenge 


“Design, Development & Commissioning of an Automated Production Test (APT) solution of inertial navigation system for automotive dynamic measurement (to track the position and orientation of an object relative to a known starting point) to reduce the test time and test all the parameters using one system”.


The Solution 


“Used National Instruments LabVIEW Software to develop efficient and robust solution for maintenance/repair, production testing of Inertial navigation system for automotive dynamic measurements”




VSK Test Solutions was established in 2015 in order to provide consultancy services for test development in various domains like telecommunication, green energy, aerospace and smart metering. We hold LabVIEW architect & Labwindow/CVI developer status since 2014 and using National Instrument's hardware & software platform for more than 12 years. We have been awarded NI Alliance Partnership status for our continuous test development activities with National Instruments.


The challenge was to develop single automated test solutions for all types of tests like board level, functional test & system level for automotive dynamic measurements. Earlier this test solution, they had three tests set up for partial test and it was taking 3-4 hours to test one single unit. This single test hardware and software solution can accommodate wide ranges to measurement capabilities and automation for various test strategies needed for various automotive inertial navigation test unit with single test solution.


Application Description


Test Solution for inertial navigation unit have two parts:


Test Rig: It consists of instrumentation, test rack and harness. For Instrumentation we have dual port power supply to power up the unit and base station and Multifunction DAQ using Multiplexer controlled through RS232 interface to do all of the measurements like ground test, frequency. Test rack is custom made hardware to do signals and power switching and to test all communication interfaces like UDP, RS232 and CAN bus data protocols. 



Software test solution for automated inertial navigation unit test is developed in LabVIEW.


  • Production test software is LabVIEW application based on event/producer-consumer architecture to provide custom interface to control various hardware/instruments and monitors various data from unit to debug and to do power quality, qualification tests.


  • Software Solution based on scripting engine to develop custom scripts for various tests and easily modified by operator with very less information about the test system.






This solution has speed up various tests for automotive inertial navigation unit. Also, software is scalable, maintainable for other hardware test rig with different hardware configurations. LabVIEW software solutions has made automated production very quick and efficient testing. Test time has been reduced to 30 mins from 4 hours per unit under test.




Test solution is successfully released to production & engineering department to be used for all kind of required tests. By using LabVIEW is very easy to make changes or debug test sequences for engineering qualification test. Engineers who have never used LabVIEW can make changes to the software as per their requirements.



Author Contact Details


Puneet Kapoor MIET

VSK Test Solutions


Unit 16 & 20 Space Business Centre
Smeaton Close, Aylesbury
Buckinghamshire HP19 8FJ



Phone: +44 (0) 1296695548

United Kingdom