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interfacing canoe and labview

For interfacing labview and canoe, what are all the hardware and software requirements. Do i need two PC for using FDX protocol

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Do you mean like a boat? What is the purpose of the interfacing? (e.g. control the canoe or just do measurements)


... or are you possibly talking about CANoe?

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I want to analyse the images from CAN bus( Vector CANoe) using LABVIEW. For this purpose i need an interface.

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is this still an issue? If so, can you provide more information, like, what version of LabVIEW and CANoe you're using, etc.?

What do you mean by image? AFAIK there are no images on the CAN Bus only frames.

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Thank u so much for your interest. And based on the inputs given in CANoe i ll be getting an image in HMI display. I want to acquire those images in LABVIEW and perform some image comparison.I am using CANoe version 8. Thanks in advance
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Let me see if I got this correctly: Your HMI is a certain device connected to the CAN Bus that displays certain data in form of images (e.g. open door = true gives you an image of a car with an open door) or integrated into images (e.g. speed overlaid on a map display). You now want to acquire that image with CAN Bus.


If that's the case, I have a very similar setup here and in my case I'm sure that the images are not transmitted on the CAN Bus. I wouldn't design it this way, because a) a (standard) CAN Frame consists of 8 Bytes, whereas a picture easily has kB and b) a CAN Frame can be preempted easily by a higher priority one and you are left with just the roof of a car with an open door...

The way this is normally implemented is, you have all the picture data on the HMI and it is triggered with certain CAN Frames or updated with data from CAN. All you can probably do with just a CAN interface is listen to the data on CAN which on CANoe 8 is done via Network Variables afaik.

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Thanks peter. is it possible to acquire those images using some NI PCI cards.because i want to compare the acquired image with the stored images using LABVIEW
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