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cRIO Programming

Good day all.

I am new to cRIO PLCs. I need assistance with training at a service personnel level. How to program cRIO PLCs.

We acquired 5 machines that run off NI cRIO and Siemens S7-1500 PLCs. What software packages do we need to get started. Where on the web do we get getting-started sample programs to familiarize ourselves with how to interrogate a cRIO PLC of need arises. Your assistance is appreciated. I am ready to learn.



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Hi @Tizi2020,


CompactRIO (cRIO) controllers are not PLCs and are not programmed with ladder logic. They are a processor running a Real Time OS. Later models run a version of Linux that is modified to be real time (NI Linux RT). Attached to the controller is the chassis, which where the C-Series modules are plugged in. There are a number of tutorials introducing the cRIO technology.


There are a variety of ways to program cRIO controllers. One of the most common methods is with NIs LabVIEW development environment. If the cRIO is running NI Linux RT you can develop application in other common development languages. C is quite common.


Without is difficult to give specific information without knowing more about the systems you have acquired. Hope the above points you in the right direction.

David C
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Hi TiZi 

In addition to Davids comment, I can recommend having a brief read through the initial sections of the Compact RIO Developers Guide.
This goes into greater detail, and will hopefully be enough to get you started.   

If you have any remaining questions let us know, and we'll try to explain. 

Kind regards
LabVIEW Fairy

cRIO Enthusiast
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