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Two cRIOs with the same code in 1 project

I have a project that contains two cRIOs that run the same exact program.  The only difference is the IP address in the ni-rt.ini file.  I would like to create a project that represents the actual targets but uses the same vis.  In doing this I found the FPGA targets must have a different name and therefore a different bit file.  Also, the DMA FIFO is a different instance in each target.  I'm really trying to get away from supporting two copies of the same exact code.

So, it seems this type of project doesn't fit well into the project explorer and decided to create only 1 target with 2 source distribution's. I can create 2 source distributions but the target destination directory must be different. Had anyone run into this situation and come up with a better way to handle this?  I guess I'm back to manually deploying the files and making sure the correct ni-rt.ini file get placed in the corresponding cRIO.
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I suggest you look into using the Open FPGA Reference node in Bitfile mode (right-click the Open FPGA Reference node). From my experience, that's the best way to share the same FPGA code between multiple targets; you just need to be aware that if you recompile, you may need to point the Open FPGA Ref node to the new bitfile. With this approach you don't really need to have the two FPGA Targets in the project; just keep one as the master and that should be it (in case the FPGA Targets are of the same type)

Hope this helps.

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I came across the same issue. How do you connect your Host PC and the 2 cRIOs - USB or through network?

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Wow, blast from the past.  NI project files where never designed to support more than 1 target with the same exact code in both.  Its still an issue with the version of Labview RT I'm using.  There aren't any good solutions or workarounds that I know about.  I'm constantly changing the IP address target and never have both connected to the project at the same time.

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